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After 4 years of R&D efforts, NI TEKNA has developed ARLOPUS – the unique synchronous music mobile network where users can play music at the same time on different mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

With Arlopus, users can create their own music happenings or join others, while Arlopus supports unlimited number of participants in a happening. The users can easily synchronize, no matter whether on Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G, 4G or by using Hotspot. The degree of synchronization that is achieved with Arlopus is enough not to feel any delay among devices.

Feel the power of rhythm and music, feel Arlopus - Our Hearts Beat As One.


  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Perfect synchronization with no delay
  • Free download
  • Unique music experience
  • Works on Wi-Fi, Edge/3G/4G or by using Hotspot
  • Organize MASS happenings on different locations

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Arlopus logo black
Arlopus logo

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Arlopus app icon

App Screenshots

Live and backstage Arlopus screens
Arlopus main menu
Arlopus song list
Arlopus friends list
Friends profile
Arlopus contact us
About Arlopus
Create Arlopus happening

Feel free to download .zip file with brand materials and screenshots of app.

About the Company

NI TEKNA - Intelligent Technologies, founded in 2008, is an R&D company, specialized for applications of Artificial Intelligence in modern technologies.

NI TEKNA team has received several international recognitions in the fields of Business Intelligence and Image Processing. In June 2015, NI TEKNA team has won the 3rd place at the Big Data Mining Competition at AAIA’15 held in Poland. In 2014 NI TEKNA was among the top 6 competitors at the same conference. NI TEKNA was also part of the team that won the 4th team place at Image Processing competition LifeCLEF 2014.

Please use the following email to reach us for further questions.