Arlopus plays on unlimited number of iOS and Android devices

Sync Music with Friends, Get Together and Have Fun with ARLOPUS

  • Totally Free - Download it now and start synchronizing your music with your friends for free.
  • Unlimited Number - Play your music simultaneously across various devices (iOS and Android).
  • Prefect Sync with no delay - Unique synchronous music experience at the same time, anytime, anywhere. We have built our own platform “Synchronize-Us”, which enables perfect synchronizations of any number of devices among each other.
  • Easily Syncronize on Wi-Fi; 4G/3G/Edge or by using Hotspot.
  • Organize a Mass happening on different locations at the same time.
  • Connect - Join and experience the best synchronous music mobile network and party with your friends all along.


Free Music Sync App

Music brings us together.

Music is intricately interwoven into our souls. We all enjoy feeling the rhythm, when emotion waves rush through our bodies. No matter whether you are out or travelling with your friends, you are in your office with your colleagues or outdoors on a picnic with your family - our technology works over Wi-Fi, 4G/3G/Edge or by using Hotspot. You can instantly create your own music happening and invite your friends to join.
Who needs party speakers when you've got Arlopus?

Our Hearts Beat As One

Arlopus - our hearts beat as one

When we sing in a choir, the frequencies of all heartbeats get in sync with the music, which has been scientifically proven recently. Arlopus produces the same effect while listening a music together, supported by the proven backbone system technology. It is an enhanced music listening experience, not just stereo sounds or quadraphony, but rather with real polyphony. That’s why we can proudly exclaim:
Arlopus - our hearts beat as one.

Bring Your Music Everywhere

Arlopus gets us closer

Our technology is primarily meant to allow listening to the music on various devices within a close area, but if you are far away from your loved ones, you can also listen to the same music simultaneously and still achieve the same effect - you will feel the same beats of the music at the very moment and still get the same effect of synchronicity of your hearts. You will get the presence of your loved ones by means of music.
Music gets us closer through Arlopus.

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